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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Giggle Factory?

The Giggle Factory is an indoor soft playground and coffee shop. We have a multi-level play structure including gang slides, a speed slide, moon ramp, squeeze rollers, giant ball room, decision maze and many other obstacles for children to discover and enjoy. We offer a Toddler area for children under 3 and plenty for the parents to enjoy. We have a coffee shop with great espresso coffee and a snack bar with a menu both kids and adults will enjoy. We have comfortable leather club chairs so you can catch up on your book or magazine, wireless internet (get some work done or get current with your emails) and a stylish seating area for those enjoying our food. We also have a full range of party packages to fit every requirement.

How much is admission?
8.00 ages 12 months and up 7.00 for 2nd child 

Free for Adults and children under 12 month (with paid admission).

What age kids can come and play?
We recommend children 10 years and under will enjoy The Giggle Factory.

Can Adults play with their children?
Yes – we encourage parents and caregivers to play on our play structure. It is designed to accommodate adults as well as our smaller guests.

Do we need socks?
YES – anyone playing on the structures – both the large and toddler - need to wear socks, including adults. If socks have been forgotten, they can be purchased for $1.00.

How long can I stay?
You can stay as long as you like (however, during our busy time we may ask you to restrict your playtime to 2 1/2 hours).

Why do I sign a waiver?
We ask that all participants complete The Giggle Factory waiver. In addition, the waiver is our way of keeping track of all children entering and exiting our secure gate entry system. In order to leave the facility you must leave with the same children that you entered with OR you need to inform the front desk member of staff that your child will be leaving with an approved adult and this will be recorded on your paperwork. We need to make sure every child is safe at The Giggle Factory.

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, for private rentals only.

When the cafe is open, The Giggle Factory will not allow outside food and beverages.

Vending machines with healthy options are always available.

The Giggle Factory has its own Coffee Bar and Cafe (open fall, winter, and spring only). We have an excellent selection of Panini's, Soup of the Day, Maxx Pizza sticks, Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheese, Nachos, Fresh Fruit and Veggies and lots of Healthy Option snacks. We are happy to accommodate parents with babies who have formula and baby foods.

Do you offer Birthday parties?
Yes we do - check out our party packages on the website for more details.

Do you have video games and arcade games?

Do you have a frequent visitor's pass?
Yes we do – check out the website for more details

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